Protecting Against Internal Cyber Threats

June 7, 2018

IT Security Professionals spend the majority of time and effort protecting the network and systems from external threats. Almost 50% of the data breaches occurs because of Human Error.


As support to the Republic Act 10173 - Data Privacy Act of 2012, Altair I Solutions Inc. and DriveLock launched an event on “Protecting Against Internal Cyber Threats” at Makati Diamond Residences last Thursday, June 7, 2018. This event unveiled the DriveLock’s Just-In-Time Security Training to increase Cyber Security Awareness amongst employees and prevent immediate threats.


The day started with a speech by Altair I Solutions, Inc.’s Pre-Sales Engineer, Mr. Kelvin Sia, addressing on the journey so far and how the organization has evolved and started its partnership with DriveLock.


This was followed by “Protecting Against Internal Cyber Threats” presentation of Mr. Simon Price, APAC Regional Director of DriveLock. Participants learned encryption to safeguard ones data, technology that scans documents for sensitive information before allowing it to leave the organization’s  protection and importance of sealing the company’s systems.


Participants went through an engaging and advantageous demonstration and use cases of Mr. Michael Ooi, APAC Senior Pre-Sales Engineer of DriveLock, whose expertise includes technical presentation and consultancy, user technical training and implementation services.


This was followed by One-on-One Session of Participants with DriveLock experts and Altair I Solutions, Inc’s Pre-Sales Engineers and Account Managers.


The day ended with a simple token of appreciation to all the participants and the learning that “Prevention is always better than cure!”.




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