Prism, Acropolis and Cloud: Delivering new features at a rapid pace

March 14, 2017


Nutanix and Altair i Solutions, Inc. organized a luncheon to learn about end-user last March 14, 2017 at Tower Club in Makati, City.


Robert Soh, Nutanix Territory Account Manager in the Philippines, opened the event with his remarks and introduced the key speaker.


Nutanix Senior Director of Systems Engineering (SE) for Asia Pacific

Jeff Smith delivered the keynote address.


He discussed experiences across the entire stack in enterprise and data center infrastructure; from telecommunication, wireless and enterprise networking, servers, virtualization, and security to digital transformation, Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and mobile applications.


Smith currently leads the pre-sales and SE teams in Japan, greater China, Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) and India to help customers discover the value of hyper-converged, web-scale infrastructure to deliver enterprise cloud and transform them. 


The talk followed the theme “Balancing Risk & Agility: The Customer Journey to the Enterprise Cloud.”


According to Smith, the core platform, evolving around the three infrastructure services namely: acropolis (the data plane), prism (the management plane) and AHV (built-in hypervisor), delivers greater flexibility at hand.


He added that the entire infrastructure life cycle then forms much simpler, after dealing with no complexity anymore.


Following that talk, Altair i Solutions Architect Kelvin Sia performed a demonstration for the Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV).


Also to hype up the customer presence during the event, Nutanix and Altair even raffled the new Supremo 4K Wi-Fi Sports Action Camera, a resolution action camera with genuine Sony IMX sensor.


Given its world-class support, Nutanix has been leading in the net promoting industry – delivering unparalleled experience to the customers and resolved issues in a quick span of time.


The company has been the benchmark of the concept of hyper-converged infrastructure.


And as technology becomes competitive in terms of requirements nowadays, IT infrastructure needs to become invincible as well.


With applications and services’ great need for infrastructure, Nutanix solution will do just fine in providing excellence in terms of its flawless services.

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