Your people,

your endpoints.

We make people and technology work seamlessly for a secured environment.


Protect and remove known malwares, and other known threats.

Device or Port Control

Enforce policies on devices and ports to prevent data loss.

Application Whitelisting

Define what is allowed to execute on your endpoints.

Patch Management

Use the first line of defense in securing your endpoints.

Reporting Services

Make use of a centralized, pre-configured and integrated business intelligence right at your fingertips.

Full Disk Encryption

Reduce the risk and cost of data loss when endpoints are stolen or lost.

Content Wizard

Perform system management tasks and deploy custom patches.

Endpoint Management and Security Suite
Quickly identify all applications running in your environment, and stop malware and zero-day threats.
Simplify patching thousands of endpoints, different OSes, and applications.
Secure data at the endpoints by having visibility and control on removable device usage.
Every individual is unique.

Your people matter to make your business grow.

Review your users' access and entitlements, and achieve compliance.

Identity and Audit Compliance
Identity Management

Reduce operational costs through provisioning and de-provisioning for automation.

Ease your administrators' workload and secure access to your servers and applications.

Privilege Access Management
Data Governance

Identify your data and the people who are accessing them.