Data Protection & Availability




Server, Storage, Hypervisor and Management simplified

#1 in the market for HCI that delivers Server, Storage, Hypervisor and Network in 1

Storage Virtualization, move data from different brands of Storage.

Traditional Enterprise Storage.

Wide range of Storage Solutions which includes traditional and software defined storage

VM-aware Storage. See beyond traditional storage and get a closer look at a VM level.

Virutal Tape Library and Tape Libraries

Storage for long term Archival.

Back up every 15 minutes with Sector Based Backup.

Data Protection at its finest (granular back and restore and heterogeneous with Data Management 360).

HYCU - Purpose-built Backup and Recovery for Nutanix

Count on us to offer feasible solutions at par with the modern standards of business.

Data Center Solutions

UCS: Stateless computing powering application at every scale from edge-scale, core data center workloads and cloud scale computing.

Hitachi: Compute like never before with up to 120 physical cores.